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Dusita Spa, Koh Samui, Thailand    There are many businesses along Chaweng Beach Road offering massage and pampering services, and some of them are jolly good, too. But there are two places that stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Places where you can be sure of excellent treatment every time. And they share the same name – Dusita Spa.

   And it's not just because both have such dramatically grand façades, with their rounded columns and high Indian-style entrance arches, that makes them a cut above the rest. It's also due to the fact that they're the only ones that offer the facilities and treatments that you'd only normally find in a spa tucked away in a 5-star resort.
   The first Dusita Spa is located just 100 metres south of Soi Green Mango (on the same side of the road), right in the heart of the shopping area on Chaweng Beach Road, and the second is just 400 metres further north (on the right), next to Muang Samui Spa Resort.
   And these places are big! Both are two-storey, with one having 15 private treatment rooms and 30 Thai massage beds, and the other, 12 and 25, respectively, so you'll never have to wait for service. In addition to that, there are up to 20 foot massage stations in each, with fully-automated electric massage chairs (unique to Samui) which even incorporate built-in foot Jacuzzis. Just the job during or after a busy night's shopping!

But the same lovely Oriental styling and great attention to detail (water courses its way over pebbles along channels within Moroccan-tiled walkways) and comfort (luxurious sofas and seating throughout) in both spas really do play their respective parts in making the Dusita Spa experience so much more than just somewhere to stop for a quick break. A visit to these spas really should be thought of as a special part of a trip to Chaweng, whether that's at 10:00 am, when they open, or up to 1:00 am, when they eventually close for the night.

   And let's not forget the Dusita Spa treatments either, as they are as extra special as the surroundings. Every conceivable spa therapy is on offer, with many of the packages, in particular, having a decidedly romantic theme (Samui is a haven for honeymooners and lovers, after all!), such as the Honeymoon Package itself. This delightful 3-hour experience in a private double suite starts off with a Rose & Honey Foot Soak, followed by a Virgin Honey Body Scrub and then a shower before a Balinese Massage, and finishing off with a Honey Rejuvenation and Softening Facial Massage. And if that doesn't put you in a romantic mood, nothing will!

  Finally, I think it's fair to mention that there is one thing at both Dusita Spas that isn't 5-star – and that's the prices! You'll be happy to hear that they are extremely reasonable.


Dusita Spa Packages

Dusita Signature Package                                          3 hours

Sea Salt Foot Bath                                                    15 minutes
Signature Body Scrub (coconut, pandanus leaf,              45 minutes
white sesame and brown sugar) & Shower Dusita
Signature Massage                                                    60 minutes
Signature Age Refrying & Brightening Facial Massage      60 minutes

Guru Spa Package                                                   2.5 hours

Thai Herb Foot Soak                                                  15 minutes
Pineapple & Coconut Body Exfoliating                           45 minutes
Four Hands Massage                                                  60 minutes
Aryuraveda Head Massage                                          30 minutes

Combinations Package                                            2.5 hours

Aroma with Thai Herbal Hot Pack Body Massage             60 minutes
Collagen Valued Expert Facial Massage                         60 minutes
Foot & Legs Hot Stone Massage                                   30 minutes

Ultimate Package                                                      3 hours

Thai Herb Salt Foot Bath                                            15 minutes
Thai Herb Body Scrub & Shower                                  45 minutes
Warm Bamboo Massage                                             60 minutes
Lifting & Firming Facial Massage                                  60 minutes

Honeymoon Package                                                  3 hours

Rose & Honey Foot Soak                                            15 minutes
Virgin Honey Body Scrub & Shower                              50 minutes
Balinese Massage                                                     60 minutes
Honey Rejuvenation & Softening Facial Massage             60 minutes

After Sun Aloe Vera Package                                      3 hours

Aromatic Foot Bath                                                    15 minutes
Body Collar by Ice Milk & Aloe Vera Gel                        45 minutes
Fresh Aloe Vera Body Wrap with banana leaf                 45 minutes
Aroma Therapy with Aloe Vera Body & Facial                 90 minutes

Relaxing Package                                                   2.5 hours

Thai Herbal Foot Bath                                                15 minutes
Intensive & Mineral Salt                                             45 minutes
Body Exfoliating & Herbal Bath
Relaxing Massage with Essential Oil                              60 minutes
Rejuvenating and Relaxing Facial Massage                     30 minutes

Luxury Spa Package                                                  3 hours

Champagne Sugar Body Scrub & Shower                       45 minutes
Champagne Spa Bomb Bath                                        15 minutes
Dusita Signature Massage                                           60 minutes
Dusita Golden Mash & Facial Massage                           60 minutes

Thai Traditional Package                                        2.5 hours

Thai Herbal Foot Soak                                                15 minutes
Thai Tradition with Thai Herbal Hot Pack Compress         75 minutes
Dead Skin Removal &                                                60 minutes
Moisturizing A, E, C Facial Massage

Sun Tan Package                                                    2.5 hours

Foot Bath and White Coconut Butter                             45 minutes
Body Scrub & Shower
Coconut Milk Cream Body Wrap                                   30 minutes
Hot Coconut Oil Massage                                            75 minutes

Detoxifying Package                                               2.5 hours

Welcome Signature Drink and Tamarind Foot-Salt           15 minutes
Intensive Salt & Coffee Body Exfoliating and Shower       45 minutes
Dusita Detoxing Massage (lymphatic drainage)               90 minutes

One Day Spa Package                                              5.5 hours

Crystals & Mineral Salt Body Scrub                              45 minutes
Relaxing Jacuzzi with Milk Bath                                    45 minutes
Dusita Signature Massage                                           90 minutes
Rejuvenation & Smoothing Facial Massage                     60 minutes
Plus a Manicure & Pedicure Spa or Hair Spa Treatment


Dusita Spa (1)
161/10 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road,
Koh Samui 84320,
Tel: (66) 0 7760 1051

Web site:

Open from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM

Dusita Spa (2)
168/48 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road,
Koh Samui 84320,
Tel: (66) 0 7730 0472
Web site:

Open from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM

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